Your Stay

Put up in our home. A far cry from urban sophistication and luxury, we do not have facilities available in hotels. We do have clean toilets, fresh sheets, warm blankets, and an overall sense of coming back to the roots. The valleys, hillocks, brooks and rivulets makes Kakrajhor a complete place for nature lovers. The rural life around you and looking at the sky full of stars is an added attraction.

  • 5

  • 22

  • 1300

    per person per day( food + lodging )


a walk

Trek to the nearby jungles and hills and explore the beauty of nature. There is a watch tower close to our homestay from where you can have a panoramic view of Kakrajhor.

make local

Dont forget to visit the local village. Chat with the locals with a cup of tea to explore the hidden stories of Kakrajhor.


Sit in the balcony of Char Murti and allow the fresh air to penetrate your sense while you revel in some me-time or simply meditate!


Try the local cuisine and definitely taste the red ant chutney which is a local tribal delicacy. The ants are crushed in a pestle and mortar with chilli, ginger and salt. The bodies of ants contain formic acid believed to have useful medicinal qualities.


You can roam anyehere and everywhere. The forest is full of birds and also hiking trails which are quite interesting for the adventure lovers.


Ghagra River Rock
Tarafeni Dam
Gurrasini Hills
Khandarani Lake
Laljal Caves
Watch Tower
Bulaveda - Kakrajhor trek route
Mayur jharna - Sunset point
Dhangikusum Waterfalls
Chatrakocha Waterfalls
Amlasol Village
Aamjharna Lake
Lakaisini Hills
Ketki Lake
Kanaisor Hills
Dharagiri Falls
Burudi Lake
Bhairab Mandir Lake


The driving distance between Kolkata
and Kakrajhor is 240kms.
Route: Kolkata - Kharagpur - Jhargram
- Silda - Belpahari - Kakrajhor


The best way to reach Kakrajhor is to
take a train to Ghatsila. You can book a
magic van or hire a car from the station
to reach Char Murti. Ghatsila to Char
Murti is 22kms and will take less than an
hour to reach.

how to reach

The major trains to reach Ghatsila:
  • Bbn Janshatabdi
  • Ispat Express
  • Shm Ltt Express
  • Steel Express